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制造商: 搜模阁
商品库存单位(SKU): UA72201
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A lot of plastic...
Some really quick observersations;

- Good packaging with the internal foam protecting the wings and fuselage parts.
- The wing parts are really thick and substantial; can’t see them warping over time.
- Panel lines may be a bit heavy for some, especially as this is a stealthy aircraft.
- Airelons/speed brakes are posable but no internal details for them.
- The cockpit detail does not compare with the previously posted renders; it’s decent, the seats more than adequate unless you decide to up the upper access hatches (and this is I think only ever done to remove the seats for servicing); the etched instrument panel, which may not be seen once everything is closed up, is really well done and I particularly like the fact that the screens are in switched off mode.
- The (many!) undercarriage wheels are not weighted.
- I’m not sure of the accuracy of the bomb bays and rotary launchers, but they are well done.
- I’ve read elsewhere that the Mk.84 bombs are really poor. I don’t think they are poor Mk.84s, but they are average B.61s or B.83s...
- Intakes and exhausts are full length. The bays can be posed open though would need detailing.
- The instruction sheet does not have any colour call outs at all, apart from the main fuselage colour and listing white for bays. Otherwise the instructions are decent.
- Three decal options although all B-2s are listed on the sheet. Decals are Two Bobs and also appear to be decent.

Overall, it’s a weighty bit of plastic and not a bad effort. It’s not Tamiyagawa or Z-M, but it’s much, much better the The Italeri/Testors offering. Looking forward to see how it builds though I’d forgotten how big the aircraft is!
来自: Esmon | 日期: 2017/12/17 4:41
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